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Download Wordfeud for your PC. Simple installation.
Download Wordfeud. Play Wordfeud directly against mobile devices, from your PC.
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Download Wordfeud for your computer.

Welcome! Wordfeud, the popular scrabble game for mobile devices, is now available as download for PC. With our simple installer you can download Wordfeud to your PC!

With our Wordfeud download, you can play Wordfeud on your PC. Play Wordfeud against all other Wordfeud users. Play PC to PC, PC to android phone, PC to Iphone it's all totally supported.

Step 1. Buy the Wordfeud For PC installation service now for just 1,95 Euro. We provide a 100% money-back guarantee if your download does not work. (see below for contact details)

After payment you will immediately receive a download link and a licence key so you can download Wordfeud to your PC. Click 'Buy now' on the right to go to the secured Paypal payment environment.

Step 2. Download the Wordfeud for PC installer (left picture) with the link in the e-mail and install Wordfeud on your computer.

Step 3. Start Wordfeud for PC and enjoy!

Check out our FAQ for questions, or contact me via "help at androidgamesforpc.com"

The Wordfeud for PC installation service
Wordfeud running on Windows
- Computer needs at least 256 MB internal memory free. Tested on Windows XP, Vista and 7.
- If you pay with a delayed bank transaction, the key will be transmitted after completing the transaction.
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